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Damage Surveys

Killybegs Marine Surveyors provides professional and comprehensive damage surveys for vessels, boats, and ships used in all aspects of the marine industry.

Marine damage surveys are usually required by an insurance company to assess the extent of damage to a vessel after an accident or indecent has occurred. As an experienced surveyor, we will carry out a thorough examination and report on the resulting condition of the vessel, the probable cause of the damage, and recommended repairs. This will require liaising with the client, boat yards or repairers, and transportation specialists. It should be noted that insurance companies often expect immediate reporting of accidents and speedy damage assessments and reports so you should call Killybegs Marine Surveyors to arrange a survey as soon as possible.

No matter the type of vessel (tanker, fishing trawler, yacht, leisure boat, etc.) or the cause of the damage (grounding, collision, fire, flooding, etc.) you can trust Killybegs Marine Surveyors to carry out an accurate damage survey for all insurance purposes.


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Damage Surveys FAQs

What is a marine damage survey?

A damage survey assesses the condition of a vessel following an accident. The surveyor will provide a report detailing the extent of the damage occurred, the cause of any damage, and the recommended or necessary repair works.

Why are damage surveys necessary?

Most insurance companies will review a damage survey be complete following an accident or a claim application. This survey will be used to assess the amount of damage or loss caused to the vessel. This will help them determine the cost of repair works and the amount of compensation to be paid.

How much does a damage survey cost?

The price of a damaged vessel survey will vary depending on a number of changing factors such as the size and location of the boat. For more details and pricing information please contact Noel and Killybegs Marine Surveyors directly.


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