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On/Off Hire Surveys

Killybegs Marine Surveyors provides professional, reliable, and comprehensive on/off hire surveys for vessels and ships across the marine industry.

On/off hire surveys are carried out before a ship is delivered into charter and returned from charter. The purpose of the survey is to record the current structural condition and cleanliness of the vessel before the charter. The survey includes the cargo gear, cargo holds, the deck, securing equipment, and any other areas of note as well as inspection of the vessel's certificates. Upon return of the vessel, a follow-up survey is carried out to determine any changes in conditions or damage to the vessel. For any discrepancies found, other than fair wear and tear, we can provide an accurate and independent price for any repair works that the liable party will need to undertake.

At Killybegs Marine Surveyors we thoroughly assess the condition of the vessel, the hull, machinery, and all other required areas. We produce a comprehensive report which can then be used for an accurate comparison with the follow-up survey report.


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On/Off Hire Surveys FAQs

What is an on/off hire survey?

An on/off hire survey is used to determine the condition of a vessel both before and after a rental period. The survey will assess what damage, if any, was caused during the charter period and who is liable for the damage. The areas included in the survey are determined by both parties prior to the survey taking place.


Why do I need an on/off hire survey?

An on/off hire survey determines which party is liable if damage or loss occurs. The survey will establish the condition of the vessel both before and after charter, protecting both parties from contentious issues. The cost of the on/off hire survey is usually borne by both parties so can be a cost-effective method of protection.


How much does an on/off hire survey cost?

The cost of an on/off hire survey will vary from project to project depending on the number of factors to be included, For more information and a pricing structure please contact Noel and Killybegs Marine Surveyors directly,

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