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Underwater Drone Surveys

At Killybegs Marine Surveyors, we specialise in underwater drone surveys and inspections for a range of marine applications.

Currently, a four man dive team is required for any and all underwater vessel inspections. This can be a costly pursuit, especially when you need regular surveys. Our underwater drone inspection services is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective alternative. At Killybegs Marine Surveyors, we have the most high-tech drone equipment to carry out all underwater surveys and our drones guarantee high quality footage is gathered in a safe manner. Our drones are highly versatile and can be used in depths beyond divers' capabilities. All drones are owned by Noel and Killybegs Marine Surveyors, so we do not have expensive rental costs, meaning our customers receive highly competitive prices for these services.

From exploring shipwrecks on the seafloor to inspecting a ship's propeller, our drones are available for a range of underwater surveys and inspections and we have worked with private ship-owners, archaeologists, and engineers.


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Underwater Drone Surveys FAQs

What is an underwater drone?

An underwater drown is an underwater vehicle that is operated remotely without a human occupant. They can also be called unmanned underwater vehicles. Live feedback can be viewed on a remote monitor and all footage is recorded for later use.

Why are underwater drones a better alternative to a dive team?

Current legislation requires a four man dive team for any underwater inspection. Paying all four divers is much more expensive than hiring an underwater drone. It is much safer as no human life is put at risk in dangerous waters. Footage can also be recorded for later use as well as viewed live on a monitor.

How much does an underwater drone survey cost?

The price of our underwater drone surveys vary from project to project. For further details and to get a free quote please contact Noel and Killybegs Marine Surveyors directly.

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