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Marine Pilotage

Killybegs Marine Surveyors provides an expert and experience marine pilotage service for the Harbour of Killybegs in Co. Donegal.

As a certified marine pilot, we provide an expert pilotage service for any vessels entering Killybegs Harbour that require an on board pilot. There are certain vessels and conditions that make marine pilotage necessary. Any vessel over 50m will require marine pilotage. We also provide tug assistance when requested or required.

Maine pilotage plays a vital role in the safety of a harbour. While the captain of the vessel is an expert in navigation, they are not always aware of the requirements or conditions of the port, which will vary at each destination. A marine pilot is a local expert and ensures the safety of the docking vessels, all people on board the ship, other boats in the harbour, and can navigate the waterways with precision.

Noel and Killybegs Marine Surveyors is fully certified, qualified, and experienced to carry out marine pilotage and tug assistance services in Killybegs Harbour.


Contact Killybegs Marine Surveyors Today for more Information on our Marine Pilotage Services

Marine Pilotage FAQs

What is marine pilotage?

Marine pilotage involves a local marine pilot steering a vessel or ship safely into port. While any captain is an expert at navigating their own vessel they are not experts in the regulations and environments of each port. The local pilot ensures that the vessel, the crew, passengers, and cargo arrive safely at their destination.

Why is marine pilotage necessary?

Marine pilotage is necessary for the safety of all in the harbour. The depths and width of the waterways will vary across harbours and ports. A marine pilot will know their own port extremely well and will pilot the vessel into port in a safe and efficient manner protecting all on board the ship and other boats already docked.

How much does a marine pilot charge?

Each marine pilot will charge a different price for their services. For more information on our marine pilotage service and for pricing details please contact noel and Killybegs Marine Surveyors directly.


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